IQusion IT, a member of the Association “IT Ukraine”, became a participant in the presentation of the “E-Health” project.

July 16, 2018, IQusion IT, one of the members of the IT Ukraine Association, became a participant in the presentation of the E-Health project, which is being funded by the specialists of the State Enterprise “Electronic Health” and leading IT companies in Ukraine.

The reform of medicine is one of the most essential for the well-being of Ukrainian citizens. Of course, in the era of digital technologies, such a reform is impossible without an IT component, which would simplify the process of storing and processing medical data for patients and doctors.

According to Denis Matsuyya, SE “Electronic Health”, the project “E-Health” aims to create a reliable national ecosystem to support medical reform initiatives, which would allow the introduction of a new model for financing medical institutions and provide patients with high-quality medical services.

The introduction of such a system will allow:

  • Gradually get rid of paper workflow;
  • Reduce the administrative burden on doctors;
  • Maintain complete patient medical information within a single system;
  • Create new business opportunities in the medical sector;
  • To systematize information about doctors, medical institutions, their effectiveness and qualifications;
  • Leave your patients reviews and recommendations for doctors and healthcare facilities.

Ukraine is not the first country to develop a national e-medical system. Similar projects have been successfully implemented in Estonia, Singapore and the UK. The availability of analogues in other countries allows E-Health developers to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a system that meets national peculiarities and requirements of Ukraine. During the discussion of the presentations of the project “E-Health” participants of the event raised the urgent issues regarding the organizational and technical part of the project.

IQusion IT Company implements a project on the development of applied software of the modern medical information system for medical institutions of Ukraine.