The Global Legal Hackathon team of Intecracy Group and Aequo has developed a platform to prove ownership

The International Decentralized Distributed Platform is a technology solution initiated and developed by the Intecracy Group and Aequo team as part of the Global legal Hackathon.

To respond quickly and in a coordinated manner to the challenges of the global crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2, countries and businesses have teamed up to find digital solutions and create joint projects. But who owns the intellectual property rights when the state and business cooperate? The IDDP project is designed to answer this question.

Vitaliy Kukhar, CEO, MAFIN ENTERPRISE, Intecracy Group – the author of the idea that formed the basis of the technical solution to the problem from the Global Legal Hackathon. The essence of the idea is to create a decentralized distributed platform based on electronic digital signature and version control for business and / or conglomerate state-business, which will allow them to jointly create and develop various projects and / or business with ownership from the first to the last stage of cooperation.

The platform will provide an opportunity to work together on any private, national or international project, delineate and separate, from a legal point of view, the field of responsibility of the parties, personal and corporate rights of each participant, and will record even the smallest contribution of each. Such a platform will also provide the team with a clear and inviolable rule of ownership, both from the standpoint of the individual and from the standpoint of business or the state as a whole.

All relations between the parties are confirmed by a digital or electronic signature at each stage of project development. The platform contains a version control system adapted to the tasks of the platform. This guarantees safe work with changing information at each stage of the project: project creation, adding documents, editing, etc. And in case of unauthorized data changes at least on one of the nodes of the platform, the information contained on other nodes will remain unchanged.

Victor Golub, Business Analyst, BHander, Intecracy Group – conducted a business examination of the Ukrainian and international IT markets, the analysis of the results of which confirmed that this decision is not just extremely relevant for urgent, prompt and effective solution of the acute problem of conglomerate rights, but In addition, it is the first and only comprehensive and sophisticated system today, which makes it truly unique in the world market, designed to verify and simplify the relationship in the process of online cooperation from anywhere in the world and even beyond. any variation of the parties’ participation in the projects.

Stanislav Zadvorny, Chief Design Officer, Softengi, Intecracy Group – has developed an exclusive visual solution, the main purpose of which is to provide all project participants with ease of use of the system. Advises the team on design thinking and project aesthetics. Stanislav is the author of numerous design concepts, 15+ years of experience in design, co-developer of startups, in particular, specializes in the development of the interface of products and services, research, testing and analysis.

Natalia Dryuk, Advisor, Aequo, is a legal expert specializing in intellectual property and dispute resolution. Among hundreds of projects, Natalia identified the most pressing issues related to intellectual property: the combination of efforts of many parties working together to develop various IT projects requires tools for easy and clear regulation of IP rights. The platform the team is working on should be just such a tool. After analyzing the market of existing services and programs, Natalia determined that none of them still offers a solution similar to this project.

Eugene Levitsky, Counselor, Aequo, is a legal expert specializing in dispute resolution. His experience in numerous lawsuits and industrial specialization allows the team to develop the most legally effective solution. Eugene has extensive experience working on legal tech projects that have been successfully launched at Aequo.

It will be recalled that the other day a joint multi-competent team of Aequo and Intecracy Group joined the Global Legal Hackathon, which initiated the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) with the support of the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers.

The hackathon takes place online from April 27 to May 22, 2020 and aims to find answers to a number of problems faced by business, governments and society. It brings together lawyers, developers, designers and businessmen who use technology and other means to try to solve a range of legal and related issues. About 200 calls have been registered so far and more than 180 projects have already offered their vision solutions.

Intecracy Group and Aequo Join Efforts to Tackle Global Legal Challenges Risen during COVID-19

A joint multi-competent team of Intecracy Group and Aequo has joined the Global Legal Hackathon initiated by Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) and supported by Financial Times Innovative Lawyers.

The hackathon will take place online from 27 April to 22 May 2020 and is aimed at developing answers to a range of challenges faced by business, governments and society posed by COVID-19. It has brought together legal professionals, software developers, designers and business people to develop solutions to  a range of legal and related challenges through technology or other means. To date 194 challenges have been registered and 181 projects proposed their vision of solutions.

The team consists of:

  • Nataliya Dryuk, Counsel, Aequo;
  • Vitalii Kukhar, CEO, MAFIN ENTERPRISE, Intecracy Group;
  • Kristina Dziadevych, Chief Innovative Officer, Aequo;
  • Yevgen Levitskyi, Counsel, Aequo;
  • Victor Golub, Business Analyst, BHander, Intecracy Group;
  • Tatiana Bogila, Head of PR, Aequo;
  • Krystyna Kovalenko, PR manager, Aequo;
  • Stanislav Zadvornyy, Chief Design Officer, Softengi, Intecracy Group.

The joint team of Intecracy Group and Aequo are bringing together their expertise in law, business and web-development to work on the project that will help the global community resolve some of the existing issues, build resilience and bring legal tech to the new level.

“COVID-19 made the entire population of the planet feel the urgent need for digital transformation. Our technological response to the challenges of the Global Legal Hackathon is not just an effective way to combine intellectual efforts and together find the best and most effective solutions to the challenges posed by time and a pandemic, it is our essence and value: to think,to create, to develop and solve the most complex tasks in the field of high technology. When humanity, business and governments need our help and decisive professional steps, Intecracy Group team is always there, always in action”, – commented Vitalii Kukhar, CEO, MAFIN ENTERPRISE, Intecracy Group.

“Legal hackathon is a creative workshop where innovations that can change the legal(crossed out) world are born at the crossroads of legal and tech. This is a great opportunity to go “from zero to one” and join the ranks of those who do not contemplate but create”, – said Yevgen Levitskyi, Counsel, Aequo.

About Intecracy Group

Intecracy Group is an international association of high tech companies. The Alliance brings together IT companies, each of which is an expert in its domain.

The members of the association are independent partners, who are united by a common approach to doing business. Companies provide next-generation IT services: business process automation, system integration, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, and more.

We understand that technology is constantly evolving and user needs are changing in this regard. Our goal is to provide our customers with qualified services to meet their unique business needs with high levels of quality of work and information security requirements. We are partners with technological leaders in the market and are always on the wave of technological progress.

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AEQUO is an advanced industry-focused Ukrainian law firm made up of highly qualified, internationally recommended lawyers who work proactively to help their clients reach their business goals.Backed up by solid industry expertise and a thorough understanding of business we develop innovative strategies and provide efficient solutions to the most complex and challenging matters.

AEQUO provides integrated legal support in areas such as antitrust and competition, banking and finance law,intellectual property, corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions,taxation, litigation and international arbitration, and capital markets.

The list of AEQUO’s representative clients includes leading Ukrainian and international companies and organizations,such as Agroprosperis, Apax Partners, Apollo, Bunge, DuPont, EBRD, European Commission, Google, Inditex Group, NCH Capital, Pioneer Hi-Bred International,Samsung Electronics, Sandvik, Synthon, Tetra Laval, Ukrainian Redevelopment Fund, UniCredit Group, Vodafone Ukraine etc.

AEQUO has been named the Most Innovative Law Firm of the Year in Ukraine by IFLR Europe Awards 2018, Law Firm of the Year in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS by The Lawyer European Awards 2017 and one of the most innovative law firms in Europe according to the FT Innovative Lawyers 2015-2019.

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Presentation of the LoGo software complex at the Local Government Forum

On December 5, 2018, IQusion IT participated in the Local Government Forum (III Forum of Unified Communities), which introduced its LoGo software suite, revealing one of the topics: “Integrated Spatial Development and IT Solutions.”

The purpose of the Forum was to discuss the results of the reform of local self-government and territorial organization of power, adopted in 2014. Representatives of the government and parliament shared the results achieved over 4 years.

The forum was attended by the first people of Ukraine: Petro Poroshenko – President of Ukraine; Volodymyr Groisman – Prime Minister of Ukraine; Gennady Zubko – Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services; Oksana Markarova – Minister of Finance of Ukraine and others.

LoGo (Local Governance) software program provides new opportunities for local governments to effectively implement IT technologies in their activities.

It allows to significantly increase revenues to the local budget, provides quick and transparent work of the local council, simplifies and automates the provision of administrative services.

The complex includes the following software products:

  • “Local Real Estate Taxes”;
  • “Local accounting of objects of economic accounting”;
  • “Register of the territorial community”.


Implementation of a new system of electronic document circulation in the Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies

Iqusion IT Company introduces a new electronic document flow system (EDS) at the Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies (UCRF). The EDS is based on the well-known Megapolis.DocNet software platform, which is designed to effectively support the workflow processes.

This was reported to the press service of the department of IT UGTSR Andriy Kuzmich.

He noted that in order to ensure the exchange of electronic documents with executive authorities, local governments, organizations, institutions, enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership, it is envisaged to connect the UESCU SED to the general system of electronic interaction between the executive authorities of Ukraine.

“The introduction of a new electronic document management system will significantly increase the efficiency of the company, the level of information interaction between UCRF units and the executive authorities of Ukraine. In addition, this will simplify the procedures for providing enterprise services in electronic form “, – said Andriy Kuzmich.

IQusion IT, a member of the Association “IT Ukraine”, became a participant in the presentation of the “E-Health” project.

July 16, 2018, IQusion IT, one of the members of the IT Ukraine Association, became a participant in the presentation of the E-Health project, which is being funded by the specialists of the State Enterprise “Electronic Health” and leading IT companies in Ukraine.

The reform of medicine is one of the most essential for the well-being of Ukrainian citizens. Of course, in the era of digital technologies, such a reform is impossible without an IT component, which would simplify the process of storing and processing medical data for patients and doctors.

According to Denis Matsuyya, SE “Electronic Health”, the project “E-Health” aims to create a reliable national ecosystem to support medical reform initiatives, which would allow the introduction of a new model for financing medical institutions and provide patients with high-quality medical services.

The introduction of such a system will allow:

  • Gradually get rid of paper workflow;
  • Reduce the administrative burden on doctors;
  • Maintain complete patient medical information within a single system;
  • Create new business opportunities in the medical sector;
  • To systematize information about doctors, medical institutions, their effectiveness and qualifications;
  • Leave your patients reviews and recommendations for doctors and healthcare facilities.

Ukraine is not the first country to develop a national e-medical system. Similar projects have been successfully implemented in Estonia, Singapore and the UK. The availability of analogues in other countries allows E-Health developers to analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a system that meets national peculiarities and requirements of Ukraine. During the discussion of the presentations of the project “E-Health” participants of the event raised the urgent issues regarding the organizational and technical part of the project.

IQusion IT Company implements a project on the development of applied software of the modern medical information system for medical institutions of Ukraine.