Services and products

Electronic document flow

We offer a comprehensive software solution for document management systems and automation of business processes. Our development allows us to provide timely and convenient access to corporate information, to structure and enhance the effectiveness of employee interaction.

Automation of business processes

Very often, in order to increase the efficiency of the enterprise, team, and control, the leader faces the need to automate the entire workflow. We have vast experience for different business sectors. We have a lot of ready-made solutions that we have already implemented and are ready to do for you, taking into account the specifics of your business.

Software development on request

IQusion offers software development services, including the entire application development cycle, from business tasking and requirements gathering to system deployment, knowledge transfer and technical support. IQusion has experience in custom software development for all-Ukrainian projects.

Information security systems

07.07.2010 the company received the License of the Series АВ № 527380 of the Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine for the development, production, use, exploitation, certification tests, case studies, examination, import, export of cryptosystems and cryptographic information security equipment (in addition to electronic digital signature services), cryptographic systems and cryptographic information security.

Automation of accounting

The system provides comprehensive automation of all sections of accounting and tax accounting, operational accounting, analysis and control of financial activities of the enterprise, as well as reporting, in accordance with the legislation, national and international accounting standards.
Megapolis ™ system. Accounting is open for development and support by the customer’s specialists.

Corporate Systems

By implementing all necessary links between existing systems, we, together with the creation of a single information management environment, organize effective, reliable and consistent interaction between all existing applications and prepare a platform for further development of integration in accordance with your business needs. We offer you our knowledge and experience in the field of system integration and are ready to guarantee the successful outcome of our projects implementation.

ITC consulting

ITC Consulting (IT consulting) is a project-oriented activity related to information support of business processes that allows an independent peer review of the effectiveness of the use of information technology (IT) to make the business more visible, more manageable and predictable.

ITC outsourcing

Outsourcing (Outsourcing) is the transfer of part of its tasks or processes (functions) by a company to third-party executors on subcontracting terms. IQusion’s IT outsourcing service (ITC-outsourcing) allows companies and organizations to significantly reduce their IT costs without losing quality.

Internet projects

IQusion offers the full range of Internet products: from Web-design to turn-key industrial solutions to any degree of complexity for government agencies, enterprises, banks, insurance and investment companies, any thematic and informational events.