A software platform for the rapid creation of high-performance Web-oriented Enterprise-level systems that support the full development cycle: from the description of the domain model to the automatic generation of the user interface.


Transaction and operations per minute


Answers to requests per second


Users simultaneously


Scope of application

  • Building document-oriented ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems.
  • Business Process Automation (BPM – Business Process Management).
  • Creation of centralized reference data management (MDM (Master Data Management) systems).
  • Development of centralized accounting systems.
  • The construction of centralized file repositories of large volumes.
  • Content management of the enterprise (Web-portal).
  • Create a bus that combines data from different systems with Web access to this data.

Advantages of the platform

  • A versatile business process automation tool that does not require deep technical knowledge.
  • The only open source tool for creating functional applications.
  • All functionality, including modification tools, is available through the “thin client”.
  • Cross-formality of a “thin” client, functioning through a Web browser.
  • Full support for cloud technologies.
  • The work of “thin” client on low-speed communication channels.
  • Easy integration with other solutions.
  • High level of data protection, traffic encryption, automatic authorization of electronic digital signature (EDS).
  • Support for all major database management systems (DBMS), both industrial and free.
  • Ability to view documents of different formats without installing external applications.