• Business process automation

    CRM, ERP, HR-system to improve the efficiency of business processes. We propose the development of global IT-leaders Read More
  • Information Security

    Construction of complex systems to protect information from loss, damage, malicious attacks and computer viruses Read More
  • System integration

    Construction of IT-Infrastructure "turnkey" based on the best equipment in the world, quickly and accurately Read More
  • Custom software development

    We create software for the individual needs of businesses and public authorities Read More
  • Internet Projects

    We develop projects of any complexity: from sites trademarks reserved to Internet portals Read More
  • Electronic document management

    Electronic document management systems Megapolis accelerate the work of enterprises and institutions in the 5-6 times! Read More
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Company IQusion - one of the leaders in the IT-sector in Ukraine. We are the team of programmers, process management, resource management, risk management, which solves complex problems that require innovative approaches and competencies.

IQusion - a company expert in the field of automation of government agencies. We are responsible for the quality of our products and solutions, as well as benefit from their introduction



The company realized the full life cycle of software products and information systems based on them in accordance with its own quality management system. It includes the development, delivery and support of end-users of our solutions.


Without exception, all of our products, services and developments are protected from viruses, network attacks and malicious violation of privacy. We do not allow unauthorized intervention, and take full responsibility for their actions.


By ordering services from us, you can be sure that we fully and on time fulfill its obligations. We understand what a business and do everything possible to prevent the pause even in the case of faulty equipment or other force majeure. We always have a "fallback".

Our news

Aug 17, 2016

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine completely switched to electronic document

The other day in the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were completed last settings Unified information and analytical system developed on the basis of «Megapolis» platform company Softline IT (Intecracy Group Consortium). As a result of this, as well as in the execution of the…

Apr 22, 2016

IQusion ІТ at the round table "IT Training day in parliament"

IQusion IT company in the Association "IT Ukraine" on April 22 took part in the round table on "IT Training day in Parliament: laws necessary to ensure the effective development of the IT industry."

The event was organized by the Association of IT Ukraine with the support of the Committee on…

Mar 21, 2016

Grant all reference bring it online: how to change the life of ukrainians




The Ministry of Justice wants us to receive documents from the comfort of home, but experts fear the leak of personal data. The Cabinet of Ministers decided to transfer all its services for citizens online and to automate the issuance of many documents mode.

Mar 17, 2016

Ukraine has received a cybersecurity strategy

The President issued a decree enacted cyber security strategy. Until now, it was not at the state level in the country a unified view of how to respond to threats in the information sphere. To create a virtual shield around Ukraine, and now need to enact appropriate legislation to bring people…

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